Sarah Christie Illustration | Commissions
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A self portrait of the artist, holding a chickens under each arm


Let me know if you want to throw money at me, and I will throw art back!

If you’re interested in commissioning a piece from me, drop me a line through the contact form on this page for a quote.

I can work to your specifications, but the simplified breakdown to get things rolling is:

Inked sketch (blue or pencil lines brush inked)

Watercolour Painting

Because the process of painting traditionally can be either quick and sketchlike or long and detailed, no background to full treatment, mini-sized or large-scale, it’s difficult to price out exactly. I’m more than happy to go over these details with you via email to find a size and treatment that fits your needs.

I am also available for hire for contracted work – again, prices vary according to end use and licensing, so please drop me a line and we’ll chat.